… re-post: the effects of aging on male hormones.

Lately, I have had more inquiries about “male menopause”… more correctly called “Andropause“… and yes, exercise DOES help to slow its development. 

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There are several uniformly accepted male behaviors that can have a noticeable impact on the effects and the progression of andropause symptoms.

Two basic, but trusted principles are:

1. Exercising:

Andropause symptoms directly correlate with depression. Exercising will improve your mood and make you feel better by increasing endorphins. Consider these suggestions: go for a run, lift weights, play a sport, take a swim.

2. Eating well:

Eating well can have also have a positive impact on your energy and mood. Try to incorporate Omega-3 fats (flax, salmon), folic acid (oatmeal, dark green veggies) and B12 (eggs, lean beef), and Vitamin D (dairy or supplements) into your diet, which have been shown to decrease depression.

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