… how much caffeine?

Caffeine is contained in so many food and drink products that I’m often asked whether it is harmful or beneficial to general health, to a fitness program, and to athletic performance. I certainly understand the confusion; thousands of articles have been written presenting Good vs. Evil arguments on the subject of caffeine consumption. And have you noticed how many are contradictory?

In our daily practice of leading a healthy lifestyle, each of us face many nutritional choices. Sometimes it a simple choice of  Yes or No, but more commonly it is a choice of, How much?

Since I’m not a doctor, I can’t report on the medical implications of caffeine consumption. Nor do I know how your unique metabolism responds to caffeine intake, thus I can’t advise whether you should carry a can of “Rock Star” into the gym with you or not.  But I will leave you with a chart that sums up the caffeine quantity contained in common caffeinated beverages that many of us consume at some point in our day.

For me personally, I apply the adage of “moderation”… as well, I know my limit and play within it.

What is your experience?


Beverage Cola RockStar Coffee (strong) Coffee (weak) Tea (strong) Tea (weak)
mg /236 ml (8oz) 43-75 79-80 200 80 80 50

(Source: www.exrx.net and www.mayoclinic.com)

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